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Chairman Of Amritdhara

Amritdhara will initiate Nature Worship in our society. The worship of the Nature is the oldest form of worship of humanity. The Nature Worship could be traced back to the primitive and nomadic ages. We will inspire the populace to worship the tree, sky, sun, moon and the other natural elements and we are sure these will make them conscious of their natural environment. Once we love trees, we will restrain ourselves from cutting them down. Once we worship our mountains, we will restrain from destroying them mercilessly. Once we worship our water bodies, we will restrain from polluting them. So since the Vedic ages, Nature Worship has been given the highest status. The Nature is our spirit, our beloved mother.

Why us ?




A Non-Profitable secular Trust, dedicated to serve Humanity and nurturing Love & Peace in the society. Amritdhara literally means fountain of Nectar and the sanskrit term is derived from the Vedas. It is a spiritual body, assemblage of persons devoted to Indian spirituality, culture and tradition. Amritdhara respects every religion and regards the worship of Tolerance and Non-violence. It regards Integrity as the prime principle of the society.


Introducing Spiritual Healer Guru Sri Harsa


SRI HARSA is a contemporary healer with rare spiritual affinities in this age of fragmentation and fragileness whereMAN aspires to inhabit in the nine planets but fails to live in peace and tranquility in his own. Science has become the tool to serve the ultimate but spirituality is the last concern. Science, detached from its spiritual potentiality lacks an integrated approach to serve the humanity. And MAN, severely mechanized with a spiritual collapse appears a