A Non-Profitable secular Trust, dedicated to serve Humanity and nurturing Love & Peace in the society. Amritdhara literally means fountain of Nectar and the sanskrit term is derived from the Vedas. It is a spiritual body, assemblage of persons devoted to Indian spirituality, culture and tradition. Amritdhara respects every religion and regards the worship of Tolerance and Non-violence. It regards Integrity as the prime principle of the society.

Revival of Vedic Worship and Rituals



Veda nurtures the soul. The age-old Vedic rituals and worship are nearing extinction in the present society due to the contemporary life style and practices. The Vedic rituals of Homa and Yajna and the recitation of Vedic Suktas and Mantras have a pragmatic and hygienic effect on body and mind. The Vedic hymns restore peace and tranquility and enlightens the inner self. The aroma and the vapour of the ghee, butter and honey in the sacred fire of the Yajna purify the environment and bring equilibrium to the atmosphere. It also enhances our resistance power and enriches our inner system, thus safeguards against many vulnerable diseases. The aroma itself acts as an antiseptic and vaccine to multiple ailments. It’s purely scientific and the performance of Yajna is solely therapeutic. Amritdhara aims to revive the Vedic Yajnas in our daily lives and practices.






Environment is one of the prime priorities of Amritdhara. As the world knows, the environment is degrading rapidly day by day due to hectic industrialization, smoke, pollution and deforestation. We are prone to inhaling smoke and carbon and we are suffering from cancer, many sorts of lungs diseases and physical impotencies. Amritdhara is dedicated to protect the environment through Indian Spiritual and Vedic systems. We aim to organize Yajnas in urban and rural areas, from the cities to the remote villages consecutively installing auspiciousness in the environment. We are quite optimistic that the evaporated aroma of the burning ghee in the Yajna pyre will function as medicine for the polluted atmosphere and will help in restoring peace in the habitat. We also aim to plant medicine plants at the street sides that will affect the health of the common mass most positively. We will plant those medicinal resources which are depicted in the Atharva Veda. There are some plants those have the capability to purify the atmosphere, such as Neem, Asoka, Agastya, Aruna and Varuna. Such plantation programs will nourish the health of the society.

Nature Worship



Amritdhara will initiate Nature Worship in our society. The worship of the Nature is the oldest form of worship of humanity. The Nature Worship could be traced back to the primitive and nomadic ages. We will inspire the populace to worship the tree, sky, sun, moon and the other natural elements and we are sure these will make them conscious of their natural environment. Once we love trees, we will restrain ourselves from cutting them down. Once we worship our mountains, we will restrain from destroying them mercilessly. Once we worship our water bodies, we will restrain from polluting them. So since the Vedic ages, Nature Worship has been given the highest status. The Nature is our spirit, our beloved mother.





Peace and Spirituality as the Weapons against Crime


We have certain projects those will help in the transformation of the addiction or crime addicted psychology. Crime is the result of sick mentality. Amritdhara doesn’t hate criminals rather hates the crime and is committed to wipe out crime from the society. Yoga and meditation are the best mediums to change the crime assaulted mind to a healthy mind. Meditation soothes the disturbed mind and wipes out all anxieties, fears and hatreds. We have read in the Ramayana, that even Bandit Ratnakara became Rishi Valmiki through meditation and penance. 

We aim to undertake programs of meditation and Yoga for the Jail inmates in the Jails of Odisha and India. We hope that through the practice of Yoga and meditation and chanting Vdic hymns in our programs, even the most hardcore criminals will return back to their normal lives. These programs will heal their mind and psyche.


Programs for the HIV Affected


Amritdhara wants to initiate programs for the HIV and AIDS patients. We are sure that these programs will restore peace in their minds. They will attain bliss at heart and will reach the spiritual definition of human life. The disease won’t be a fear for them. They will happily live the moments of their lives. In these programs, there will be meditation, Yoga, chanting of Mantras and Slokas. Amritdhara will also discuss the inner meaning of Veda, Vedanga, Upanisads and other Indian scriptures with them. And in consequence, they will attain a divine delight and will be out of the mortal remorse and frustration.






Mass Distribution


Amritdhara will distribute medicinal herbs and roots in among the mass those are unavailable and scarcely available in the common localities, free of cost. The use of the herbs will act as the protection against many diseases and will help in increasing the physical and mental potency. Amritdhara will also inspire the common mass, both the urban and rural populace to plant and grow medicinal herbs in their townships, villages and localities. Amritdhara will also guide them the use and utility of the herbs and roots.






Programs for the Physical and Mental Challenged


Amritdhara will undertake projects in different mental asylums and serve the mentally and physically challenged with Meditative and Yogic healing procedures. Amritdhara will make them sing and sing with them the hymns and we are quiet assured, the rhythm and musicality of the hymns will have pragmatic affect upon their minds and physiques. We will also deliver Yogic exercises which will prove to be consequential for them.










Programs for the Sex Workers

Amritdhara respects woman, irrespective of caste, creed and profession. Amritdhara regards the sex workers as our respected and beloved mothers and sisters. The society has set them aside, far from the normal stream. Amritdhara is committed to return them back to their lives. Amritdhara is committed to restore them a gifted a domesticity and respectable livelihood. Amritdhara will help them discover spiritual essence of their lives. The sex workers also suffer from vulnerable diseases due to utter ignorance. The application of Ayurved will protect them from these diseases.


Children, the Major Priority of Amritdhara


Transforming thoughts of Children are the major concern of Amritdhara. They are the future nectar of the society. Amritdhara has the rare conviction to build future generations of noblest spirit and wisdom. The Trust opines to initiate programs especially for the children, guiding them to practice meditation and Yoga in their daily lives. This will help them grow with healthy minds and bodies and they will be self sufficient and self-potent in the future to face all the obstacles of the life.









Special Programs for Specially Challenged Children

Amritdhara has programs with special emphasis on certain aspects of body, mind and spirit for the specially challenged children such as the AIDS affected, physically and mentally challenged, blind, deaf and dumb children. The children are the precious treasure of the nation. Amritdhara has aromatic and colour therapeutic programs those will bring smile to the child. The smile of a child is more precious than any other thing in the world. Amritdhara is will work devotedly for the well being, welfare and mental and physical development of the children. The programs of Amritdhara will increase self-confidence in the young minds. Various Yogic exercises involving the body and mind are included in these programs.






Programs for the Children of Undeveloped Class

Amritdhara will take up programs for the children of the undeveloped class such as children of the slums, children of sex workers and the tribal children. Health will be given the major priority in our programs. We will render our most humble efforts for the mental and physical as well as the spiritual health of the children.




Service to the Soil, the Motherland

Odisha and India is the motherland of Amritdhara. Amritdhara preserves noble intentions to serve the motherland with its vision and practice. The most important aspect is Secularism. We should respect other religious and practice non-violence and tolerance. Amritdhara will organize mass programs involving the common mass from all the religions and the religious and spiritual Gurus of the other religions to interact and understand the own as well as the others’ religions. In our programs, we will also include verses from the holy Koran, Tripitak, Bible and Granth Sahib along with the Vedic hymns to strengthen the secular nerve of the nation.